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Jason McDonald

Meet Jason

and THE story BEHIND

"At the request of a friend several years ago i posed nude for the first time. I was reluctant at first, but after a couple shots of whiskey I let loose and we made some pretty good art that day. I enjoyed it enough to want to try it again but was unable to do so for several years. I decided to trade some work for copies of the photos and began to find my passion for photography and art again. I've done several shoots since then and continue to make some exciting art"

Rates and more

thinkers, dreamers, creators

All our more than welcome here! "I love out of the box ideas. Something creative, even something that borders on crazy. Making art is exciting when you get to be the art." 


Nude Rate: $100/hr

Clothed Rate: $50/hr


2 Hour minimum for all shoots with 50% down to book extra fees based on travel and are subject to distance and accommodation arrangements.


We will discuss all aspects of the shoot upfront so that there are no surprises the day of.  

what's unique about me?

distinctive look

"I'm not the typical overly toned male model who will make all the women swoon over the photos. I'm almost 40 and still willing to do this type of modeling. I fall more into the dad-bod category with a little bit of a stomach. I've got two tattoos that are very visible. One on each arm. I like the artistic as much as the erotic style shoot but there's nothing I won't at least think about trying so all you have to do is ask!" 

What I offer?

A reliable muse

There's nothing more important than time. You can always make more money, but time you can never get back. With that in mind I make sure to be on set ahead of our scheduled time. If the shoot starts at 8 I plan on being ready for you to shoot the first shot at 8 not 8:15. You're paying for hours of shooting time and I will not short you on your time.


new vision

Let's create together

I love hearing photographers come up with ideas and sometimes those ideas spark new ones. If we schedule for two hours and I absolutely love a concept or something amazing is sparked during the process I don't ind shooting beyond the time constraints within reason. I'd rather make something unique and different, not something that has been redone a  hundred times.

Projects I'd love to work on

There are a ton of things I'd like to try. I'm eager to work with other models and see what we can create together.  I'll provide a list of things upon request or if you ask if I have any ideas.

Male Stripper

Service available for ladies only

Available for private parties or one on one sessions. Events start at $200 add $10 per person for groups over 10 people. Partially or fully nude available. You must provide venue. No public spaces.

My Portfolio

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